The process is simple:

  1. Install the Firefox toolbar so you can watch videos
  2. Watch Videos and get points (1 point per second)
  3. Refer other users.
  4. (optional) Purchase a featured profile (Automatic Ranking Boost)
  5. (optional) Buy YouTube Views! (Cut straight to the chase!)
ViewTubeTrain works on a points system where the users with the most points get their videos displayed first. This encourages users to stay active and watch each other's videos. The more videos you watch, the more users will watch your videos! You can have friends watch videos on your behalf as well, as long as they are on a different IP Address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to install the toolbar?
Yes. Due to changes at YouTube, we now require the use of the Firefox toolbar to participate. Everything is still free and safe. The toolbar should make things much more effective for everyone.
How do I install the toolbar?
We have step-by-step instructions here.
Will there be a toolbar for Internet Explorer?
We are working on it.
How many views will I get for X,XXX points??
With the system, points do not direclty lead to any fixed amount of views. Points are used for ranking where the videos with the most points come up first in the train and thus get the most views. Different users tend to have different results based on various factors.
Do I have to watch the whole video?
Yes, you have to watch the whole video to get points. We have an automatic timer to keep everybody honest. The
Can I watch videos more than once?
To encourage all of our users to get plays as well as ensure that YouTube counts all of the views, you only get points for watching a video once per IP address per 24 hour period.
Can I get more points by using more computers?
As long as the computers have different IP addresses, this is perfectly fine. In fact, you can often change your own IP address by disconnecting and reconnecting with your Internet Service Provider.
I seem to be experiencing problems with my proxy server. What gives?
Because our system automatically tracks views by IP address, proxy servers (particularly non-high anonymity servers) will cause problems with the system and may make it difficult to get points.
What's the difference between today points and total points?
We keep track of points earned within one day and points earned cumulatively. Videos are ranked primarily by daily points, however the tiebreaker is always cumulative points. While it's best to rack up points every day, even if you forget a day, your all-time cumulative points will rank you above the other users that also have zero daily points.
Will using ViewTubeTrain get my video banned?
ViewTubeTrain has been operating for over 5 years and we have no reports of users or videos being banned from YouTube for use on the ViewTubeTrain system. Keep in mind that all views on the system are real, the vast majority are U.S.-based and no shady software tools are used.
Should I run ads on my videos?
We do NOT reccommend running ads on a video that is being promoted. We highly reccommend pausing ads, especially video ads, until promotion has been completed.
How do ViewTubeTrain points translate into YouTube views?
The points do not have a direct translation into YouTube plays. The points are simply for ranking users so that the most active users get the most views. It can be difficult to track the exact number of views because we use anonymous referrals and thus they are seen as instant messenger or viral views.
How does the featured video system work?
Featured videos are automatically shown before non-featured videos in the queue. Among featured videos, the featured videos with the most points are shown first. Being featured does NOT mean you will be featured on YouTube.com and it does NOT guarantee any specific number of video plays.

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