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Due to changes on YouTube, the ViewTubeTrain free promotions system now requires the use of a FREE toolbar. This toolbar is guaranteed safe and 100% spyware/adware/popup free. All the toolbar does is watch videos and credit your points on ViewTubeTrain and nothing else. It is designed to be simple and easy to use. We plan to work hard to develop updates and improvements over time. We would like to develop an Internet Explorer toolbar in the future but, for now, we chose Firefox because it is available on all operating systems.

Usage Tips

  1. Only run the toolbar in one window on one tab per IP address. If you usually use Firefox for web browsing, simply open a separate window for regular use. If you do this, the toolbar will not affect normal browsing in any way.
  2. It is best to sign out of your YouTube account when you are using the toolbar.

Installation Instructions

  1. Open a new FireFox window. (see here)
    • If you do not have Firefox, you can download Firefox and install it. Firefox is free and easy to install.
  2. In FireFox, download the ViewTubeTrain Toolbar and save it to your downloads folder. (see here)
    • If you download in Internet Explorer, it may change the extension from ".xpi" to ".zip". If this happens, change it back to a ".xpi" file.
  3. Open your Downloads folder and find the toolbar file. It should be called "viewtubetraintoolbar.0.03.xpi". Usually you can right click on the item in the downloads window and select "Open Containing Folder".(see here and here)
    • In Windows XP, the path to the Downloads folder is usually "C:\Documents and Settings\[your windows username]\My Documents\Downloads\".
    • In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the path to the Downloads folder is usually "C:\Users\[your windows username]\Downloads\".
    • In Mac OSX, the path to the Downloads folder is usually "/Users/[your username]/Downloads" or "~/Downloads".
  4. Click and drag the viewtubetraintoolbar.0.03.xpi file on to the open Firefox window. This should prompt it to ask for permission to install the toolbar. Click install. (see here and here)
  5. After installation is complete, restart the browser and you should see the ViewTubeTrain toolbar. (see here)
  6. To promote a video, simply enter the video code (e.g. "zTsjYDcgYCw") or URL (e.g. "") into the "Video Code" entry box in the toolbar and click "Start". The browser should now start watching videos and crediting your points. (see here, here, and here)
    • Remember to only promote with the toolbar in its own window with its own tab. Do your normal browsing in a separate window.
    • It is best to sign out of your YouTube account while you are promoting.
    • To stop browsing, just click "Stop". You can also skip videos by clicking "Skip".
  7. Please visit our support forum if you have problems.

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