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WTF TV Live 11/29/11






Nelson Torres and the WTF World Heavyweight Champion Overdose are in the studio this week as they take calls and waiting for a very special guest. A beautiful model all the way from France named Rosee was expected to show up during the live broadcast, but while the guy were waiting for her, the show went on. As someone said "the show must go on" and that is exactly what happened. By the way, for those who don't remember, Rosee was the girl that was in the WTF Halloween Parade episode 2011 shacking her ass on the show. In the beginning of the show, Nelson Torres gives his explanation on the situation on the You Tube page. It's best if you just hear what Nelson had to say about it. reading it would do no justice in this case. During the show, callers talked about when Rosee was going to show up to the current state of the "New York Giants" As, the show was going to end on the public access broadcast, Rosee shows up to the MNN Studios and has a sit down interview and tells her how she got into to modeling and more. Something that is not to be missed.

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