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WTF TV Live 1/10/12






After last week episode where SOMETHING WAS TO GO DOWN and well, it did. It happened after the show went off the air and we have exclusive footage of what happen after the show last week. Looks like something did happen after all on WTF TV live 1-3-12. A stranger shows up the studio and she is calming that She was Negro Smiths illegitimate daughter. Also, Negro Smiths illegitimate daughter is the studio to explain herself and her name is ANUS, while Negro Smith is in Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show AKA the CES convention. During the show, topics we brought up including a possible idea of being there with your WTF TV over the WrestleMania weekend in Miami and EXXXOTICA in Chicago as well. Basically debating on doing it or not. Also, Brodus Clay's new wrestling persona was another big topic of the show. Plus, announcing the first inductee into the WTF Hall Of Fame since 2004. Who is going the be the first WTF Hall Of Fame inductee for 2012 ? Looks like you have watch and find out !!

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