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WTF TV Live 2/7/12






On this episode of WTF TV Live, Nelson Torres has Negro Smith's illegitimate daughter "Anus" as a guest this week. Nelson briefly talks about the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl and showed a quick clip of the Giants parade and a reporter was asking a female Giants fan about her who she wants to see more and she replied Mark Sanchez, quarterback of the New York Jets. Talk about an awkward moment. When "Anus" was in the studio, Footguy called in and asked to show off her feet and Nelson was very hesitant in of rubbing her feet because he didn't know how Negro Smith will respond to that. Also, a caller from Harlem says he wants Anus as his Valentine and her response was very interesting. During the show, Marabelle Blue calls in and says that she will be in the studio next week for the WTF Valentines Day episode and it is expected to be very KinkE

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