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WTF TV Live 6/5/12






This week on a "technical difficulties edition" of WTF TV Live. After a one week hiatus of not being live at the studio, Nelson Torres and the WTF World Heavyweight Champion Overdose along with Ethan Daniels are back taking calls or so we think. In the studio this week, the CockolatePops crew returns to the studio along with model Jolie Starr. Plus Ayness shows up in the middle of the show as usual. During the whole show, there was some technical issues due to the fact there was very little production crew. Turns out, we have no phone calls and everything was going out of wax. Plus, Nelson Torres was literally losing his mind. However, At the end of things starting to get very interesting and things were getting to salvage a little bit. Of course, we have the Sybian and not only we had to Jolie Starr on this vibrating machine, but Ayness went along with the ride.

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