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WTF TV Live 6/18/13






This week on WTF TV Live, we have Negro Smith and ShinmamoruX in the studio. During the show, Nelson Torres, ShinmamoruX and Negro Smith discussed various topics including what happened on WWE Payback and Raw. Giving various opinions about what happened on both events. Plethora of phone calls were came in including the wacky loyal caller "Footguy". As usual, Footguy was not only asking about wrestling news, but he was asking when will the women will come on the show to see some of their feet. Plus, the all-important question was asked and the question was when will the wrestling be coming back on WTF ? All the wackiness that took place on the show and much more on this very clam edition of WTF TV Live. (This video was shot at the MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Studios in Midtown Manhattan and aired live on June 18th, 2013.)

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