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WTF TV Live 6/25/13






This week's episode of WTF TV Live, has got to be one of the most insane episodes in recent memory. In the studio, we have Negro Smith and WTF Hall Of Famer Angelo Vega. Along with Billy Blade and his new manager goes by the name of "The unofficial artist" Angelo Vega came to the studio to confront Billy Blade about the "mannequin controversy" and when Blade called in during the show two weeks prior to start some sort of argument with Angelo Vega. Things got heated when they went face-to-face towards each other in the studio. Meanwhile, Billy Blade's manager "The Unofficial Artist" As a few choice words about the whole situation and comments on the maturity level of certain WTF Superstars. Plus, Negro Smith trying to get Nelson to answer the the all-important question was asked and the question was when will the wrestling be coming back on WTF ? Especially about who is going to be involve with WTF Wrestling. Also during the show, Ayness calls in and confesses something that she did as Billy Blade did once, but worst. However, Ayness's father Negro Smith says that he wants to cover the Gay Pride Parade and hints there some incest going on with his own daughter. All the wackiness that took place on the show and much more on this very clam edition of WTF TV Live. (This video was shot at the MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Studios in Midtown Manhattan and aired live on June 25th, 2013.)

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